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Heirarch Severius (by ElDave)

Severius' voice has always resonated with sacred power, and he demonstrates a strength and surety that belies his age. Those who attend him can see and hear the power of unchecked divinity conveyed through his words and deeds. He has vowed to make it his life's work to unite the Menites of western Immoren, to spread the True Faith to all of humanity, and to usher in a new age by hammering the cathedrals of Morrow to rubble and erecting new temples to the Lawgiver.

A while back, over on the Twitters, I mentioned that I wanted to work more in Black and White, but wasn't sure how best to improve my meager technique. My friends sent in their tips and I spent an hour adjusting the settings on my camera to reduce the sharpness and contrast to give me a softer, less crisp image. Now, instead of just a black and white snapshot, I get something like what you see above.

Heirarch Severius is a ~28mm wargaming miniature produced by Privateer Press for their Warmachine tabletop game.

Yes, he is standing on top of the acolytes.

Be good,

Since I know how low to go
I wont let it show

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