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Reflector 1

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Is there a Transformers Noir? If not, there should be.

Sorry for the short post this week, guys. Busy busy!

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From left to right...

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Protoceratops (3)

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It was a few weeks ago that I ordered a Ring Flash Adapter from Photojojo. Great, I thought. This will be perfect for portraits! Can't wait for it to arrive and play around with it.

Here's the thing. When I opened the package, sitting on top was a little plastic Protoceratops with a note saying, "We like you. Thanks for ordering!"

It feels like we've been friends for years and they knew what I really wanted, but went ahead and let me order the ring flash (that I still haven't touched) anyway.

Oh sure, I took the ring flash adapter out of its box and fired a couple flashes through it. Oooh wow, super cool, super fun. Then I gave up pretending and ran outside with my new dinosaur.

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I can't believe
This is happening to me

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Master Gundam (0)

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As I've mentioned before, I have never watched any of the Gundam series. Never. None of it.
Somehow I find myself wanting the model kits. Actually no, that isn't true. I know exactly why I want the kits.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam on XBox.

It combines two of my favorite things: punching hordes of dudes and giant robots. In this case, however, you're punching hordes of robots right in their faces. There were a lot of characters in the game that I didn't care for, but Domon Kasshu and Master Asia, the Undefeated of the East stood out from the pack of angsty teenagers who don't realize how awesome giant robots are. While the other characters are sadding it up with laser bazookas and plasma swords, Domon and Master Asia, the Undefeated of the East are running around punching as many faces as possible. It's Gundam Wuxia.

That's why today's subject is Master Asia, the Undefeated of the East's Master Gundam. It is a snap-together model kit that, quite honestly, is better made and more articulated than the majority of my action figures! I expect to be taking many more shots of this guy.

The backdrop is a square of vinyl floor tile I picked up at the hardware store and lit by reflecting a desk lamp off of the tile. In Photoshop, I painted the eyes and "DARKNESS FINGER", going a little sloppy to make it appear the power was radiating out of the Gundam.

Gundam Fight! Ready.... GO!
Master Gundam
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Would you give me Please forgive me?

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Therian Assault Golems (0)

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In every science fiction setting, there has to be a bad guy. Someone for the brave, outmatched humans to rally against, saving the entire universe in the process. For me, the less human-like that bad guy is, the more I like it. From mindless space bugs to robots programmed to destroy all biological life, I'm in.

Enter the Therians.

They go around the universe, converting solar systems into their own habitats, blacking out whole galaxies. In the AT-43 universe, there is just darkness where the Milky Way should be.

Scary stuff, indeed.

With that in mind, I wanted to try and capture that sense of menace. Bringing out the bulkhead set, I positioned the figures as best I could and realized that, for the effect I had in mind, I would need two exposures. The first was with the light above and behind, and the second had the light pointed straight through the door.

In Photoshop, I combined the two shots and painted in the eyes, using the same steps as my Robot Eye Tutorial.

File, Save As...

Therian Assault Golems
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Be good,

Passion; Find direction.

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