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Out of Focus (0)

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Out of Focus (by ElDave)

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Things have been hectic and I've fallen a bit behind!
I know, I know, excuses.

I will make up for it with next week's update.


Be good,

Thinking up a storm, when it storms it's going to rain

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Waterproof (2)

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Yesterday, I wanted to take a little walk through the neighborhood and see how things looked now that it's Spring. Grabbing up my camera gear, I brought along my XTi, the Starflex, and Reflector. I made my way down to the park, hoping to get some interesting TTV shots, when I passed by a little stream. I thought to myself, Isn't it amazing that a week ago, all of that was covered in snow? Reflector looked at the shallow water. "Hold on, I've got a great idea. Check this out." Reflector waded out into the stream. "Maybe you shouldn't go in there. I don't think you're water resistant", I said.

"Man, I am water proof."


Waterproof (by ElDave)

Be good,

They think they are smart
Don't doubt what they say

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Neo-Viper Commando (2)

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Neo-Viper Commando (by ElDave)

NEO-VIPERS are cold-blooded commandos whose minds and instincts have been altered to change them into warriors incapable of fear or pain. Their enhanced physical abilities make them inhumanly strong, fast and deadly, and their advanced composite body armor. Watch out, G.I. JOE team! There’s an enemy NEO-VIPER commando on the attack!

Neo-Viper is a 3.75" G.I. Joe from Hasbro.

I didn't see the movie, but finding this guy in the 4 for $10 bins at Quake Collectibles was too good to pass up. Otherwise, I know nothing about him, but G.I. Joe should watch out! There's a Neo-Viper on the attack!

Be good,

You'll always be alone
Your body stripped down to the bone

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