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War Machine (5)

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War Machine (by ElDave)
Variable Threat Response Battle Suit Mark II, Model JRXL-1000

Man, I was doing so good with not buying the 3.75" Marvel figures. I saw all the cool characters, all in the same scale, with a lineup that included both the main Heroes and Villains and also threw in plenty of henchmen for good measure.
"Self", I said, "you don't want those. They're too tiny and too expensive. Stay strong."
And I listened for a good long time. In fact, I listened so well for so long that now I'm seeing some of the line on clearance at Target.

But then all the Iron Man 2 figures popped up.
My goal in collecting Iron Man was always to get the different armors. I'm not too fussed about having EVERY Iron Man figure (although, if you saw my shelf you'd think otherwise), but these new movie toys seem to have been made especially for me.

Sometimes, when I'm alone, I think they were.

Be good,

Close your eyes, I will help you pray

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Heirarch Severius (by ElDave)

Severius' voice has always resonated with sacred power, and he demonstrates a strength and surety that belies his age. Those who attend him can see and hear the power of unchecked divinity conveyed through his words and deeds. He has vowed to make it his life's work to unite the Menites of western Immoren, to spread the True Faith to all of humanity, and to usher in a new age by hammering the cathedrals of Morrow to rubble and erecting new temples to the Lawgiver.

A while back, over on the Twitters, I mentioned that I wanted to work more in Black and White, but wasn't sure how best to improve my meager technique. My friends sent in their tips and I spent an hour adjusting the settings on my camera to reduce the sharpness and contrast to give me a softer, less crisp image. Now, instead of just a black and white snapshot, I get something like what you see above.

Heirarch Severius is a ~28mm wargaming miniature produced by Privateer Press for their Warmachine tabletop game.

Yes, he is standing on top of the acolytes.

Be good,

Since I know how low to go
I wont let it show

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Spring has GRAHHHWWWW! (by ElDave)

An interesting thing has been happening here in Chicago. Not only are the days growing longer, the sky seems to radiate actual heat. This combination has had a curious effect on the local fauna; the shaggy little squirrels are playing outside my window and birds are... singing?

I knew something was up when Mega Terra Khan emerged from his glacial cavern and breathed his nuclear breath over the snow, melting it in huge swaths. Well, huge for him anyway. It's only a few inches across.

This is my second attempt at honest to goodness TTV photography. My previous flirtations with it were limited to overlaying textures in Photoshop, and, while fun to do, weren't really as satisfying as actually grabbing my little Kodak Brownie Starflex (Link goes to John Kratz's excellent camera. I've yet to photograph mine) and looking through the viewfinder.

As far as setup goes, you're looking at it. Put Mega Terra Khan out in the grass (We have grass!), line up the Starflex, and aim my DSLR through the viewfinder. Click.

(Hey, is that my camera strap's reflection?)

Be good,

Know when to listen
Know what to listen for

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