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Enemy Territory

"Though the time is dark, my faith shines."

Who said pink was a sissy color? Brother Marine Cuddles would like a word with them...

This Space Marine is a 32mm plastic wargaming miniature produced by Games Workshop.

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If you're going to take pictures of tiny things, you need a tiny place to take their picture, right? It seems like lately my subjects have been getting smaller than usual. Instead of 6" action figures, I've been enjoying photographing 28-32mm miniature models (roughly 1.1-1.3"). Perspective is hard enough to get right at 6", but when you shrink down to miniature size, things get... difficult.

Which I why I build my own sets. I've done a post about miniature sets before, but it was more of a "Hey, here is one little prop" instead of a complete scene. This time, I'd like to show off a cave/stone set for miniatures.

First, the materials:
5" x 5" Canvas Panels (x3)
Acrylic Paint

Just a quick note before we get any further. The miniatures in today's shot are Sir Titus and a Hill Giant. Both are pewter wargaming miniatures produced by Reaper Miniatures. Ok, back on topic.

Assemble three of the canvas panels into a floor and two walls, then put the spackle down to create a texture. Give it plenty of time to dry (best to let it sit overnight), and then you can get to painting. I painted mine in browns and grays. Once the whole thing is dry and you're happy with how it looks, set your models on the set, get your lighting where you want it, and start snapping away. Here is what mine looks like, completed and ready to go:

Dungeons and Dragons - Setup

Tiny, right?

Well, here is what that tiny little set and tiny little models looks like through the camera:

Dungeons & Dragons

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Sage Tutelage

"I will gladly pit my woldwardens against any of those noisy, smoke-belching warjacks. I have already destroyed several which made the mistake of blundering into my territory." -Baldur Stonecleaver

Baldur Stonecleaver and the Woldwarden are pewter wargaming miniatures produced by Privateer Press for their Hordes tabletop game.

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