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Amon Ad-Raza

Let your faith be your armor, your fist be your sword.

-Prayer of the Order of the Fist

More playing around with the set from last time. I love using Amon Ad-Raza in games of Warmachine, even though he plays completely opposite the way I think he should.

Amon Ad-Raza and the Guardian Warjack are 30mm wargaming miniatures produced by Privateer Press for the Warmachine tabletop game.

Be good,

If only we're nothing at all

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Paragons of Faith (3)

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Paragons of Faith

Many scholars have compared the Protectorate to the body of Menoth. The Hierarch is the head. The scrutators, the mouth. The warjacks are the bones, while the countless zealots are the blood. If this is true, then the Knights Exemplar are the tools of war in His hands.

I've had this in my head for a little while now; ever since April and I went to Michael's (a chain of craft stores) and I picked up those little tealight holders you see in the background. Wonderfully ornate and just in the right scale with the miniatures, they are an excellent addition to my collection of setting props, and I couldn't be more happy with them. Not only do they look great, they made our apartment smell like "Indian Tamarind".

The Knights Exemplar are 32mm wargaming miniatures produced by Privateer Press for the WARMACHINE tabletop game.

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Free range humans all cooped up

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