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Spring has GRAHHHWWWW! (by ElDave)

An interesting thing has been happening here in Chicago. Not only are the days growing longer, the sky seems to radiate actual heat. This combination has had a curious effect on the local fauna; the shaggy little squirrels are playing outside my window and birds are... singing?

I knew something was up when Mega Terra Khan emerged from his glacial cavern and breathed his nuclear breath over the snow, melting it in huge swaths. Well, huge for him anyway. It's only a few inches across.

This is my second attempt at honest to goodness TTV photography. My previous flirtations with it were limited to overlaying textures in Photoshop, and, while fun to do, weren't really as satisfying as actually grabbing my little Kodak Brownie Starflex (Link goes to John Kratz's excellent camera. I've yet to photograph mine) and looking through the viewfinder.

As far as setup goes, you're looking at it. Put Mega Terra Khan out in the grass (We have grass!), line up the Starflex, and aim my DSLR through the viewfinder. Click.

(Hey, is that my camera strap's reflection?)

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