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Hulk vs. Thing 1

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Hulk vs. Thing

For this one, I set the figures on my laptop and used the screen as the only light source. It's a technique I've heard other photographers mention, but I'd never tried it. Took a couple shots with the smoke machine, and a couple without, and this was the best to come out.

I'm wondering if I should reshoot this in RAW and with a lower ISO and blow it up into a poster. I have a buddy who really digs The Thing and I think he would really like one for his wall.

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1 Reply to "Hulk vs. Thing"

kamagra on March 17, 2011 at 9:53 AM

The thing was of course stronger, bigger than the hulk, I also think that the thing is more intelligent that Hulk, only in a movie the hulk would win.