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Halo: Cryptum (0)

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A few years ago, my friend Chanh convinced me to read the novels based around the Halo franchise, and they were... ok. Fun reading, no heavy lifting required. I mean, how much story can a book based on a game really have? You are Master Chief and you run around killing everything in sight. Ok, so maybe the books made the fighting a little flashier (flying somersault grenade toss), but they didn't really grab me.

And then he told me that Greg Bear (a favorite author) was writing a Halo novel. An incredibly fun and hard to put down Halo novel.

So this week's shot is a sort of homage to the Halo franchise. From a video game where you pistol-whipped aliens to a series of novels that hooked me in, you've made me a fan.

Figures used:
Sgt. Forge (foreground)
Jorge (background)

Halo: Cryptum
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