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Bring the Noise (0)

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So last week's shot was kind of quiet. Dramatic lighting, yes. Cool muted colors, yes. Loud? No.

Today's shot is all about bringing the noise, or bringing the ruckus, if you will. The part of the movie where the bad guy's base explodes and the hero strides smoothly away before the credits roll.

Model: Army of TWO's Elliot Salem by NECA Toys
Backdrop: Outdoor studio

The first problem I ran into is... the grass and leaves are, you know, green. Not so much explodey fire as I would like and I didn't want to set the Outdoor Studio on fire just for one shot. So in Photoshop I had to swap the greens for warmer reds, oranges, and yellows. That made things a little better, but I still wasn't satisfied, so I added some gaussian blurs over the "fire" and you know what?

I dig it.

Army of TWO
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