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If you rest, you rust. (by ElDave)

“If you rest, you rust.”
-Helen Hayes

After a much longer than expected hiatus, we're back to photography and blogging. There was a big life change after Christmas that led to me moving to a new place and all the stress and anxiety that comes with getting the Flying Dave Ranch settled and getting back into the photo groove.

I've been trying for over a month to get the mojo back, with some spectacular failures that thankfully you guys will never see and my CF card is glad to be rid of. What helped me break through was getting to try out Monsterpocalypse and taking pictures of some of the models for the game.

Monsterpocalypse (by ElDave)

With one success under my belt, I felt confident enough to pick up a few figures, throw open the back door, get down in the dirt, and TAKE SOME PICTURES. Then I went back inside because it was 22 degrees and I wasn't wearing a coat (or shoes).

In Photoshop, I cropped this one down to size, colored in the green Gauss Flayer and the green eyes, then ran the whole thing through a little cross-processing. I don't remember which processing I used, but I promise to take better notes in the future.

I promise? That seems a little strong... How about, I will try to take notes at all?

Yeah, that sounds juuuuust right.

Be good,

There's nothing to save I know
You live till you die

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