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Neo-Viper Commando (2)

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Neo-Viper Commando (by ElDave)

NEO-VIPERS are cold-blooded commandos whose minds and instincts have been altered to change them into warriors incapable of fear or pain. Their enhanced physical abilities make them inhumanly strong, fast and deadly, and their advanced composite body armor. Watch out, G.I. JOE team! There’s an enemy NEO-VIPER commando on the attack!

Neo-Viper is a 3.75" G.I. Joe from Hasbro.

I didn't see the movie, but finding this guy in the 4 for $10 bins at Quake Collectibles was too good to pass up. Otherwise, I know nothing about him, but G.I. Joe should watch out! There's a Neo-Viper on the attack!

Be good,

You'll always be alone
Your body stripped down to the bone

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2 Reply to "Neo-Viper Commando"

Adam on April 2, 2010 at 8:58 AM

You know more about him than I do.

Really well done shot!!! I honestly wouldn't have guessed that this was a 3.75" Joe.


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I think that the Neo Vipers are so cool I love this kind of toys, so my little brother has a similar toys , it is Cobra Viper figure released in 2008. He is armed with an assault rifle and equipped with a Cobra-made assault vest and domed helmet.
I think that both toys are really cool!!22dd