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Last weekend was unbelievably rainy here in Chicago, so we, thinking we were clever, decided to visit the Garfield Park Conservatory for a photo outing inside and away from the storms. As it turns out, greenhouse roofs, over the course of the century it has been standing, start to leak. Everywhere.

There were the usual gawkers and the occasional stink eye from people wondering what we were doing, but the rain inside made things more uncomfortable than having to explain why I had action figures out. The bright spot was this shot of a Cygnaran Ironclad. For those of you unfamiliar with it, and Warmachine in general, here is a synopsis from Warmachine: Prime:

The most recognized heavy 'jack in the Cygnaran arsenal, the Ironclad is a walking behemoth of metal nearly thrice the size of a man. Gigantic smokestacks blow sooty "breath" from its hearthfire furnace, and a bright orange glow emits from its face grill, lending a fiery and fearsome gaze.

Armed with a powerful quake hammer, the Ironclad smashes lesser combatants to shrapnel with its massive blows; sometimes just one strike from this hammer has toppled even another heavy 'jack. The Ironclad's durable armor - smelted from precious ores harvested from the roots of the tallest mountains - provides fantastic protection from all but the heaviest impacts, and because of these things, the Cygnaran Ironclad is renowned for leading most warjack charges.

Here is the original, straight out of the camera.
Ironclad (Original) (by ElDave)

I love how it looks, but I thought I could do it one better. Shift the colors around and make it more dramatic. Make it's furnace glow. Darken the edges. Add contrast. Cover up the little spots where the paint had chipped. Ok, not so much that last one.

The final edit:
Ironclad (Final) (by ElDave)

You know, I have so much fun shooting these miniatures. I wonder if there is a gaming manufacturer in the Chicago area that needs a photographer?

You. Will. EXIF:

Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi
Exposure: 0.077 sec (1/13)
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal Length: 55 mm
ISO Speed: 400
Exposure Bias: 0 EV
Flash: Off, Did not fire

File Size: 3.0 MB
File Type: JPEG
MIME Type: image/jpeg
Image Width: 3888
Image Height: 2592
Encoding Process: Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
Bits Per Sample: 8
Color Components: 3
Orientation: Horizontal (normal)
X-Resolution: 72 dpi
Y-Resolution: 72 dpi
Date and Time (Modified): 2009:06:13 12:31:15
YCbCr Positioning: Co-sited
Exposure Program: Aperture-priority AE
Date and Time (Original): 2009:06:13 12:31:15
Date and Time (Digitized): 2009:06:13 12:31:15
Metering Mode: Multi-segment
Color Space: sRGB
Focal Plane X-Resolution: 4433.295325 dpi
Focal Plane Y-Resolution: 4453.608247 dpi
Custom Rendered: Normal
Exposure Mode: Auto
White Balance: Manual
Scene Capture Type: Standard
Macro Mode: Normal
Self Timer: Off
Quality: Fine
Canon Flash Mode: Off
Continuous Drive: Single
Focus Mode: One-shot AF
Record Mode: JPEG
Canon Image Size: Large
Easy Mode: Manual
Digital Zoom: None
Contrast: Normal
Saturation: Normal
Sharpness: 0
Metering Mode: Evaluative
Focus Range: Not Known
Canon Exposure Mode: Aperture-priority AE
Lens Type: Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
Long Focal: 55 mm
Short Focal: 18 mm
Focal Units: 1
Max Aperture: 5.6
Min Aperture: 32
Flash Activity: 0
Flash Bits: (none)
Focus Continuous: Single
Zoom Source Width: 0
Zoom Target Width: 0
Photo Effect: Off
Manual Flash Output: n/a
Color Tone: Normal
Focal Type: Zoom
Focal Plane XSize: 23.04 mm
Focal Plane YSize: 15.37 mm
Auto ISO: 100
Base ISO: 400
Measured EV: 1.75
Target Aperture: 5.7
Target Exposure Time: 1/13
White Balance: Cloudy
Slow Shutter: None
Sequence Number: 0
Optical Zoom Code: n/a
Flash Guide Number: 0
Flash Exposure Comp: 0
Auto Exposure Bracketing: Off
AEBBracket Value: 0
Control Mode: Camera Local Control
Focus Distance Upper: 0.27
Focus Distance Lower: 0.35
Bulb Duration: 0
Camera Type: EOS Mid-range
Auto Rotate: None
NDFilter: Unknown (-1)
Self Timer2: 0
Flash Output: 0
Canon Firmware Version: Firmware 1.1.1
Serial Number: 1220842575
Canon Model ID: EOS Digital Rebel XTi / 400D / Kiss Digital X (and rare K236)
Num AFPoints: 9
Valid AFPoints: 9
AFArea Width: 78
AFArea Height: 78
Original Decision Data Offset: 0
File Number: 126-4814
Bracket Mode: Off
Bracket Value: 0
Bracket Shot Number: 0
Noise Reduction: Off
WBBracket Mode: Off
WBBracket Value AB: 0
WBBracket Value GM: 0
Filter Effect: None
Toning Effect: None
Lens Model: EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
Internal Serial Number: H1858035
Dust Removal Data: (Binary data 1024 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Tone Curve: Standard
Sharpness Frequency: n/a
Sensor Red Level: 0
Sensor Blue Level: 0
White Balance Red: 0
White Balance Blue: 0
Color Temperature: 5200
Picture Style: Faithful
Digital Gain: 0
WBShift AB: 0
WBShift GM: 0
Color Space: sRGB
VRDOffset: 0
Sensor Width: 3948 (52-3939 used)
Sensor Height: 2622 (23-2614 used)
Black Mask Left Border: 0
Black Mask Top Border: 0
Black Mask Right Border: 0
Black Mask Bottom Border: 0
White Balance RGGB Levels: 2461 1024 1024 1382
Color Temperature: 6000
WB_ RGGBLevels Measured: 2151 1023 1024 1785
Color Temp Measured: 4512
WB_ RGGBLevels Custom: 1910 1024 1024 1594
Color Temp Custom: 4535
Set Button Cross Keys Func: Set: Picture Style
Long Exposure Noise Reduction: Off
Flash Sync Speed Av: Auto
Shutter- AELock: AF/AE lock
AFAssist Beam: Emits
Exposure Level Increments: 1/3 Stop
Mirror Lockup: Disable
ETTLII: Evaluative
Shutter Curtain Sync: 1st-curtain sync
Magnified View: Image playback only
LCDDisplay At Power On: Display
Compression: JPEG (old-style)

Be good,

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2 Reply to "Ironclad Revisited"

Anonymous on June 26, 2009 at 7:54 PM

Hey, love the photos! I just happened to see an add in the July issue of White Dwarf (Page 15) that Games Workshop is looking for a photographer for their Book Production Team. It's not in Chicago, but it's a great time to take a couple of months on the other side of the pond for a job.


El Dave on June 30, 2009 at 7:10 PM

Oh wow, thanks for the heads up! I will have to track down the issue and see about getting my name in.

Thanks again!