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Iron Mans 1

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This week I wanted to take a little break from the usual format and just take a short series without a narrative and see how it turned out.

Who better to use than Iron Man?

Mk 1
Iron Man

Mk 2
Iron Man2

Mk 3/4
Iron Man3

Mk 5
Iron Man4

Mk 6
Iron Man5

Overall I'm very happy with the set. Straight out of the camera, with only the lights added in Photoshop. The one thing I would go back and do differently would be the glowing lights. I don't think I did a super great job on them (some of the effects are pretty jarring) and would like to go back and repost the originals.

However, when I tried booting up my desktop this morning I was greeted with a loud, rhythmic clicking indicative of hard drive failure.

Dang it.

Be good,

my eyes are alive in this place

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1 Reply to "Iron Mans"

Adam on October 27, 2010 at 10:39 AM

MK3 turned out especially nicely.