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Chicago Comic Con 2009 (2)

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Formerly Wizard World Chicago, this year was a departure from the previous convention format. Placing a higher emphasis on media and entertainment guests, Marvel and DC's booths were replaced by Edward James Olmos, Ernie Hudson, Billy Dee Williams, and more wrestlers that you can shake a stick at. The show was still a great time, however, and I was able to meet friends old and new to hang out and share a love of comics. Thanks to David Price, I was able to go in with a press badge and take some shots of the different creators and all the great costumes.

Speaking of costumes, there were a TON of them this year. In fact, there were so many that I didn't get to see them all, much less take pictures. I would spy someone I wanted a shot of across the hall, but as I made my way over, I would get sidetracked by a completely different costume. Or people would tell me about great outfits they'd seen earlier and send me off on a wild chase for characters I couldn't find (I'm looking at YOU Blue Lantern and Nicole Fury).

Photography wise, I found myself drawn to the portraits. As I've said before, costume photography is something I would love to do in a more controlled environment (ie not on a crowded convention floor) and I was just really, really happy taking portraits of Luke Cage, a Sith Twilek, and Stormtroopers. Maybe there's another book there? I don't know. I did have a very cool conversation with the guys and gals of the 501st Midwest Garrison, so there may be opportunities there.

Ok, enough blabbering from me. Below are just a few of the pics I took. Click on any of them to be taken to my Flickr set where you can view them all at your liesure.

Luke Cage 1 (by ElDave)
Sith (by ElDave)
Arc Trooper (by ElDave)

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2 Reply to "Chicago Comic Con 2009"

Fengschwing on August 11, 2009 at 2:29 PM

I'm surprised there isn't a coffee table book of this stuff, you're right.
Loving Luke Cage, he's my fave!
We have comic cons here, but I've never been to one, I suspect the folks cos playing will be few and far between.
Maybe I'm wrong.


El Dave on August 12, 2009 at 5:38 AM

You should absolutely go! I'm sure there are, at the very least, a few Stormtroopers.

Or big guys wearing inappropriately small costumes.