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Leonardo (by ElDave)

Leonardo's bio, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Leonardo (or Leo) is one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT). He is distinguished by a blue bandanna (although originally all four Turtles had red bandannas) and his weapons are two ninjaken (literally "ninja sword"), which are universally referred to as katana. Leonardo takes after his sensei, Splinter, in taking ninjutsu very seriously. He spends much of his free time in practice and meditation. He has a strong sense of honor, and is a strict follower of the Bushidō code. He often speaks for his brothers and tries to keep them in line, making him the de facto leader of the team, and often the lead protagonist of various TMNT stories. In the fourth feature film, "TMNT", Leonardo is stated to be the eldest of his brothers, although the relative ages of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are not officially stated.

Leonardo was produced by NECA Toys.

When I was a kid, Leonardo was my favorite. Not really because of his personality (since he was a stick in the mud), but because swords are really, really cool. Years later, after reading the comics, I gravitated to Donatello, but I don't have his toy yet, so I won't digress.

FUN FACT: As a boy, I planned and designed my own future dream home. It was Leonardo's head. I had such big dreams.

This shot was taken at the Chicago Botanic Garden, inside their Enabling Garden. In Photoshop, I first duplicated my Background layer and desaturated it. Then, using a layer mask, I painted over the desaturated top later, revealing only the red bandanna and sword grips underneath. A quick bump to the Background layer's Red saturation, then flatten the image. Duplicating the Background layer again, this time I ran it through a Sumi Ink filter to soften the black lines and make it look more like an illustration.

My favorite part of this picture? His mask. I love the way it turned out

Genetically reborn in the sewers of EXIF:

Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi
Exposure: 0.017 sec (1/60)
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal Length: 50 mm
ISO Speed: 100
Exposure Bias: 0 EV
Flash: Off

File Size: 2.5 MB
File Type: JPEG
MIME Type: image/jpeg
Image Width: 2592
Image Height: 3888
Encoding Process: Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
Bits Per Sample: 8
Color Components: 3
X-Resolution: 72 dpi
Y-Resolution: 72 dpi
Orientation: Horizontal (normal)
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows
Date and Time (Modified): 2009:04:18 01:57:32
YCbCr Positioning: Co-sited
Exposure Program: Aperture-priority AE
Date and Time (Original): 2009:04:12 12:35:17-05:00
Date and Time (Digitized): 2009:04:12 12:35:17
Metering Mode: Multi-segment
Color Space: sRGB
Focal Plane X-Resolution: 4433.29532497149 dpi
Focal Plane Y-Resolution: 4453.60824742268 dpi
Custom Rendered: Normal
Exposure Mode: Auto
White Balance: Manual
Scene Capture Type: Standard
Compression: JPEG (old-style)
Global Angle: 30
Global Altitude: 30
Copyright Flag: False
Photoshop Quality: 12
Photoshop Format: Standard
Progressive Scans: 3 Scans
XMPToolkit: Adobe XMP Core 4.1-c036 46.276720, Mon Feb 19 2007 22:40:08
Orientation: Horizontal (normal)
Metadata Date: 2009:04:18 01:57:32-05:00
Creator Tool: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows
Format: image/jpeg
Color Mode: 3
ICCProfile Name: sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Viewing Conditions Illuminant Type: D50
Measurement Observer: CIE 1931
Measurement Flare: 0.999%
Measurement Illuminant: D65
Color Transform: YCbCr
Flash Return: No return detection
Flash Mode: Off
Flash Function: False
Flash Red Eye Mode: False

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David A Price on April 19, 2009 at 8:28 AM

This... is... GORGEOUS!!


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