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Iron Man 1

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Iron Man (by ElDave)

Tony Stark
Makes you feel
He's a cool exec
With a heart of steel.
As Iron Man,
All jets ablaze,
He fights and smite'n
With repulsor rays!
A blaze of power!
Iron Man!
Amazing armor!
Iron Man!

Ok, so here's the thing. Iron Man is my absolute favorite comic book character. Other titles I drift in and out of, or I'm happy waiting for the trade paperback. It was the first comic title I ever read.

Iron Man 2 (by ElDave)

When I heard they were making a movie, naturally I was very excited. The teaser images and trailers not only served their purpose, they went above and beyond in creating excitement for the film. So much so that I feared it couldn't live up to my expectations...

Then I saw the film. 7 times.

Iron Man 3 (by ElDave)

And then there was the sequel. A sequel is always placed under a more intense microscope, and end up being considered worse than the original. For my money, however, Iron Man 2 is just as good, if not better, than the original! There's a super villain. There is a super hero fight. Super science. Happy Hogan and Pepper Potts have a larger role. We get to see more of Tony Stark and Jim Rhodes. Justin Hammer and Ivan Vanko were fantastic villains. Cool fights. Cool armors. Action! Comedy! Thrills! Seriously, just go see it. Again and again.

Iron Man 5 (by ElDave)

"No. No! You have the big gun. I am the big gun!"

Iron Man 4 (by ElDave)

Be good,

I'd like to tell you how I'm feeling now
But it ruins everything

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1 Reply to "Iron Man"

april on May 10, 2010 at 8:02 AM

oh you were so right. it was an AWESOME movie!
i need to see it again.