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Solid Symbols (0)

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I listen to a lot of podcasts. A lot. My podcast to music ratio is something like 4 hours for every 1 hour of music. Somewhere in that daily listening is usually a podcast produced by a gentleman named Anim5 (not his real name?), the host of The Gutter Skypes (recorded actual-play sessions of tabletop RPGs using Skype) and International Detective Dragons from Outer Space (forgive my gross oversimplification, but philosophy for geeks).

Not only does he produce both excellent podcasts, but he makes things as well, which brings me to today's topic: Solid Symbols.

From the page:
"Here you will find an ever-growing collection of original sculpted pieces created for proud display on your study wall, above your door or in your workspace.

What all of these works have in common is the theme of antiquity.
An aura of things ancient.

They are instantly familiar and recognizable symbols of something in the human experience that transcends borders and centuries.

Solid Symbols represent classic ideas or display slices of history.
All of them are tangible emblems of human cultural imagination.

Also, you may be surprised to find that they are all made in the United States, and are the most affordable collectible castings you are likely to discover online or anywhere else."

So, right there, I'm hooked. For only $10 there was no reason for me not to order one, so I quickly put the Micro Skeleton into my shopping cart, paid, and waited in eager anticipation. When it arrived, I wanted to take a thank you photo of my Solid Symbol and send it to Anim.

The photo:

His incredibly generous response.mp3

I am very glad to have both ordered a Solid Symbol and "met" Anim5. Which one should I order next? I'm thinking the trilobite...

As a follow up, I thought maybe I should take one more picture:
Ancient Mystery

Be good,

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